Nick Lopez Songwriter Info

Nick Lopez is a 23 year old songwriter and recording artist. Recent highlights include the Christmas Day release of Dixie D’Amelio’s Roommates, which Nick co-wrote with Demi Lovato. On the artist side, his song Pink Champagne recently surpassed 500+ million cumulative streams on leading Chinese music streaming services NetEase & QQ, and received heavy radio airplay throughout China.


Some names Nick has co-writes with include John K, Christian French, Surf Mesa, Anna Clendening, Mokita, San Holo, Rence, MASN, Loote, Zach Charles of A R I Z O N A, Conor Matthews, payton, Jess Benko, NEFFEX, ASTN, Peking Duk and Gianni & Kyle. 


Favorite producer collaborators include Dru "Falconry" DeCaro, Midi Jones, Luke Swirsky, Omer Fedi & Andrew Luce.