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Nick Lopez is a 23 year old songwriter and recording artist. Recent highlights include the release of Dixie D’Amelio’s Roommates, which Nick co-wrote with Demi Lovato.


On the artist side, his song “Pink Champagne,” recently surpassed 500 million streams on leading Chinese music streaming services NetEase & QQ, and received heavy radio airplay throughout China.


Nick’s collaborators include Declan Donovan, Christian French, Surf Mesa, Anna Clendening, Mokita, San Holo, Rence, Arizona Zervas, MASN, Loote, John K, Zach Charles of ARIZONA, Ant Saunders, Loren Gray, Payton, NEFFEX, Jess Benko, Peking Duk and Gianni & Kyle. Favorite producer collaborators include Midi Jones, Luke Swirsky, Omer Fedi, & Andrew Luce. 

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